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No upcoming events at the moment
Tournament Details
No playing up/down: We've had a lot of questions regarding playing up/down at ASU Chess Opens. We are VERY STRICT about this rule. Unless you can convince my professors to round up my grades, I won't round up your rating. 

USCF membership required: All tournament participants are required to have a current USCF membership in order to register for our USCF-rated events. If you do not meet this requirement, the club will refund your order and ask you to reregister after renewal.

Refunds: If you are unable to make it to one of our events after registering, please email us at as soon as possible! You have until the Friday 10 PM before a tournament to request a refund. We can either transfer your credit to the next eligible event or refund you directly.
September  2 2023 ASU Open Poster V1.png
No upcoming events at the moment
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